And so it begins

Nine strangers were minding their own business in the town of Silverleaf

Suddenly a whistle went off, and the strangers were bumrushed by fifty townies or more

A messy riot broke out, with our nine strangers scrapping for their lives in the middle of Silverleaf Street, backs turned towards eachother, forming a broken circle in the center of a rabid mob

Soon enough, the mayor (Jakinel Wood) emerged from his dwelling and ended the fighting by ordering the townies to stand down

Moments later, the royal caravan arrived in the Silverleaf, and who should emerge from inside the royal stagecoach but the good King Asiago himself

Mayor Wood apologized profusely to the King, and to the strangers, asking his townies to pledge a solemn oath to never ever blow that dreaded whistle again

King Asiago listened to Mayor Wood and thought about what to do

In his infinite wisdom, the benevolent King Asiago saw fit to give these nine strangers a choice, they can fight for the lands of men and smite the giants, or they can be put to death right on the spot

Our nine strangers chose the former

Our nine strangers’ lives were spared and they were given horses, and a guide (Alanya), and five royal bodyguards (Pecorino Romano, Emmental, Gruyere, Camembert, and Brie)

Alanya shows our nine strangers a map of the realm, and points out the location of three mighty wizards who could be of assistance Glimm, ice mage Okarr The Magnificent, fire mage The Shadowmistress, shadow mage

Our nine strangers were also given a list of terrible villains wanted dead or alive

THE SEQUENCE Father Pain Spiral Stairblade Sister Dyssko Doubting Tomas The Hellrider

THE HANGMEN The Hangman Goo Googa Joob

Mayor Jakinel Wood pleaded with our nine strangers, asking them to help rid the town of a nasty doombat that’s been preying on the town of Silverleaf

Town champion Forfrydde Chikkenzenacoak, a barbarian of some reknown, agrees to accompany our nine strangers to the cave

He’s tussled with the doombat before, and now he’s ready to finish what he started

The royal bodyguards wait behind in the town in Silverleaf, while our nine strangers make their way towards the doombat cave, accompanied by a guide and a barbarian

At nightfall, outside the doombat’s cave, five scarecrows attack our nine strangers

The scarecrows do some damage, but ultimately perish, no match for our nine strangers

And now, all is quiet . . .

The barbarian turns and slowly enters the darkness of the doombat’s cave, ready for mortal combat with his sworn foe

Find out what happens next on December 17th

GDQ1-7 Against The Giants! written by Gary Gygax dungeonmastered by yours truly



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