My trusty assistant Dee will handle the role of Alanya The Guide, an NPC. Alanya is a 2nd level fighter of some reknown, and she is wise in the ways of the wilderness. A three days’ journey on horseback lies betwixt the good/southwesterly King Asiago’s Castle and the naughty/northeasterly Hill Giant Fortress. Alanya will guide you towards a “safely hidden” cave, far beyond the Noj Crags, even beyond the far-flung Zooberus Mountains, closer towards the benevolent/easterly riverside township of Urseid… It is HERE, in this “safely hidden” cave, where your crew will ultimately stand or fall, onepointfive miles from where one can clearly see (...peering off into the northwesterly near distance with spyglass…)

the hill giant fortress! shhh….... ...and it is deep inside this timber fortress, where Nosnra (a very naughty Hill Giant CHIEF) and his militant floozies dwell. Nosnra and his militant floozies ransacked the peaceful/westerly (and largely defenseless) townships like Red Horn and Treebor…..a deep feeling of dread grips the lands of men…...

In retaliation, these naughty giants must be punished by the hands of men! The fate of good Asiago’s kingdom, and the safety of all mankind, hangs in the balance! Go and smite them!


featuring Giants, Drow, and (drum roll please…) Lolth!

written (mostly) by Gary Gygax

dungeonmastered by yours truly


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